Trauma-Informed Courthouse Design

Although a courthouse is the place where justice is served, it is also the place where people may experience high levels of stress or emotional upheaval. An individual may be dealing with a variety of traumatic experiences leading up to… Read more »

Creating a Kinder and Gentler Court

Consider the recent focus on the need to change the manner in which courts deal with litigants. Examples include: new thinking on the use and role of fines, fees, and bail assessments; initiatives that change how courts handle cases (civil,… Read more »

How to Use Words to Build Public Trust in the Courts

It is time to improve the way we communicate information. In 2015 the Conference of State Court Administrators and the Conference of Chief Justices promulgated Joint Resolution #5, calling for the “aspirational goal of 100 percent access to effective assistance… Read more »

Early Career Professionals

So, you work for a court. It may be a small court with one judge in a rural city. It may be a large court with 60 judges in a major metropolitan city. The work seems to go far beyond… Read more »

Courtside Conversation Cherie Garofalo

Cherie Garofalo A Season of Firsts Cherie Garofalo is the deputy court executive officer in the Superior Court of California in San Bernardino. San Bernardino County has a population of 2.1 million people and is the largest county by geographic… Read more »

A Question of Ethics *

Over the years, I’ve had a number of court employees share their feelings about management. A recurring theme, often by those who have to clock in daily, has been resentment over performance evaluations by supervisors who do not perform the… Read more »

Management Musings

In Rafa: My Story, Rafael Nadal discusses his final pregame ritual before squaring off against Roger Federer: As important as all the preparations that went before, was to look up, scan the perimeter of the stadium, and search for my… Read more »

IJIS Exchange

Chances are, you’ve had more than a passing conversation about online dispute resolution (ODR, for short) within the last year. Maybe you’re investigating ways to implement ODR and looking for signs that the technology is beyond the major pitfalls of… Read more »