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President’s Message

August 10, 2021
by Kathy Griffin

Dear NACM Members, It was great to see those who attended the Annual Conference in person in San Diego. This fantastic conference provided a relevant educational curriculum and resources, which were even made accessible to those who could only attend… Read more »

Editor’s Notes

August 5, 2021
by Charlene Watkins

Charlene Watkins Dear Reader, I find myself wearing my mask more often when I’m out, given the new COVID-19 variant on the rise. Managing current changes within our workplace requires understanding that the shift toward “normal” may be temporary, delayed,… Read more »

Courtside Conversations
Amanda Marshall

July 20, 2021
by Dawn Palermo

Amanda Marshall Title, Court: Public Outreach/Law Library Director, Superior Court of Cobb County Number of judges at court: 10 superior court judges NACM member since 2006 You served as the Chair of the NACM Media Guide Committee. What did that… Read more »

A Question of Ethics

July 20, 2021
by Peter C. Kiefer

Courts, Testing, and Vaccinations What Will Your Court Decide? A Video Conversation on Courts and Ethics The coronavirus has hamstrung our nation’s courts since March 2020.  2021 offers hope that we may soon return to our normal lives, but it… Read more »

Stop Screaming into a Void

July 15, 2021
by Jesse Rutledge

It didn’t take long to figure out that a lot of the organizing and engagement that resulted in the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol had its roots online through social media platforms—some niche, others very mainstream. The horrifying… Read more »

Management Musings

July 20, 2021
by Giuseppe M. Fazari

In ancient Rome, public wrestling and sport contests were held in places called palestras, where the phrase “Strip or Retire” (compete or quit), was etched into the stone overhead. Athletes competed in the nude because the Romans believed that if… Read more »

How Fair Is Your Court?

July 20, 2021
by Emily LaGratta

How fair is your court? Take a moment to think about it before you read on. My guess is that most court professionals would be inclined to answer, “Pretty fair!” After all, you know the hard work and good intentions… Read more »

Courts Have a Significant Role to Play in the Whole-of-Government Approach (WGA) to Our Safety and Security*

November 15, 2019
by Ingo Keilitz, Katharine W. Jennings, Susan A. Ehrlich, Caroline N. Broun, Kathryn H. Floyd & Michael L. Buenger

Courts must get ready for a riskier world today. We and, therefore, they face unprecedented threats to our safety, security, and welfare, including natural disasters, pandemics, terrorist attacks, biological and chemical attacks, and cyberattacks by increasingly sophisticated adversaries using not… Read more »

The High Performance Challenge: Concepts and a Call to Action

August 28, 2019
by Janet Cornell, Cyrill Miller &

The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same. In judicial administration, we recognize the significant growth in our knowledge of what constitutes high performance and the operational improvements that technology has made possible. Nevertheless, courts still… Read more »

Editor’s Note

May 15, 2019
by Tasha Ruth

Paving the Cowpath Last week I started my first class of the Institute for Court Management’s Court Management Program II course. Our instructor gave us some sage advice: “Don’t pave the cowpath.” I had heard the phrase, “You can’t put… Read more »

Framing Accessible Justice Through Procedure

November 19, 2019
by Renee Danser &

Thirteen years ago, The Court Business Process Enhancement Guide was published. On page v of the foreword it reads: The business processes employed in clerks’ offices, court administration offices, courtrooms, and judges’ chambers were first developed to accomplish specific tasks… Read more »

What’s Fair Is FARE: Arizona’s Path to Collections Compliance

November 15, 2019
by Candace Atkinson &

Evolution of Court Collections Across the nation, attitudes and practices regarding court collection programs are changing. The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) has updated CourTools Measure 7 (Legal Financial Obligations) to include surveys with litigants, judges, and court staff… Read more »

Facing Technology Challenges Today

November 19, 2019
by Tracy Davis

Living in a digital world means that traditionally legacy-based institutions like banks and courts are finally evolving their operations to keep pace with innovative tech advances across our daily lives. For example, the use of apps like Venmo and technologies… Read more »

Early Career Professionals

May 15, 2019
by Angie VanSchoick

Find Your Voice When I first started as a court administrator, I had zero experience with the judicial or legal systems. There was a point where I received a traffic ticket, but I paid it right away and never needed… Read more »

President’s Message

November 14, 2019
by Will Simmons

Welcome to this edition of the Court Manager. The NACM Board and all of our volunteer committee members are engaged and doing a marvelous job on behalf of the association. I am amazed by their dedication and commitment. Please visit… Read more »