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IJIS Exchange

December 1, 2017
by Sue Humphreys

Next Gen Court Case Management Earlier this year, the National Center for State Courts and the Joint Technology Committee introduced a framework to help courts and software suppliers think more strategically about technology. Dubbed “the application component model,” it’s the… Read more »

The Chilling Effect of ICE In and Around the Courts

November 21, 2017
by James D. Gingerich

On June 16, 2017, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers arrived at the New York City Human Trafficking Intervention Court in Queens, seeking a Chinese woman who was a participant in the program. Pursuant to a policy adopted by the… Read more »

The Essentials of Timely Case Resolution

November 21, 2017
by Frank L. Racek &

Some general-jurisdiction courts face a vast array of case types. Judges presiding over these courts may be required to hear cases dealing with domestic relations, juveniles, probate, mental health, and traffic, in addition to complex litigation. How do judges timely… Read more »

The Risks and Rewards of Risk Assessments*

November 21, 2017
by Peter C. Kiefer &

Predicting the Future In 2015 we asked court professionals from around the world to assess the probability that predictive technology would move courts to become preventive rather than reactive. A hallmark of America’s judicial system is that it is both… Read more »