President’s Message

The 2018 annual conference in Atlanta is just around the corner, and the Education Committee has been busy putting together an outstanding education program and conference experience. With the conference upon us, it also means that it will be time to vote in a new board.

This means that my term as president is coming to an end. As I reflect on my leadership roles in NACM, I’m grateful that I could serve this association first as a director, an officer, and now as president. There are many times through the years that it felt like a balancing act, making sure my local court needs were met while staying on top of NACM duties. There were also other challenges in these roles, including having to step outside of my comfort zone when writing articles or speaking to a large audience. The NACM leadership experience, however, will rate right up there with some of the best of my career. Along this journey, I have met so many competent, creative, knowledgeable, and friendly people all working to advance the effective administration of justice.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to follow such high-caliber individuals that have held this position before me. Let’s face it, in this association, we have some of the brightest and most knowledgeable colleagues in the court management profession. Through my time on the board, I have realized that we all have something unique we can bring to the table and share with the association and our colleagues. Some have strong writing skills, others are skillful public speakers, and some have a passion to give back and build the profession. There are those who volunteer for the many tasks that need to get done and others who have an incredible way of making people feel invited and welcome. We all have something different to contribute, and that’s what makes NACM so great. Many colleagues have helped me through the years with their encouragement, their assistance writing or proofreading articles, their creativity brainstorming, their willingness to volunteer and be active and engaged in the association, and, of course, their friendship. So, if you are contemplating a NACM board position in the future, know that you are not alone. You will have help from some of the most creative and helpful people in the profession.

Throughout the years, and this year being no exception, I am in awe of the amount of volunteer work that gets done by the board. As a result of the board’s hard work and determination, we have accomplished great things on behalf of the association, including the move from a printed to an electronic Court Manager; development of a new and improved NACM website (; new-member onboarding that helps acclimate and encourage involvement from new members right from the beginning of their membership; continued collaboration with national, state, and local associations that facilitates an exchange of ideas; resolutions that assist members working with their legislators and local communities; and live streaming and recording of education sessions for those unable to attend conferences (made possible by the State Justice Institute). All of these accomplishments help to better position NACM going into the future.

I want to sincerely thank you for trusting me to lead the association. With your ongoing support and engagement, NACM will be the preferred source for education and innovative practices and a leading voice for the court management profession. Thank you!