Editor’s Notes

2018 NACM Midyear Conference Recap


Ever since the 2018 NACM Midyear Conference in sunny Orange County, California, I’ve been bragging about my growing hippocampus. Allow me to explain. The conference focused on mindfulness, taking care of ourselves so we can become better leaders and managers, and collaboration. On Monday, we heard from Dr. Marc Milstein, who specializes in taking the leading science research on human health, productivity, and happiness and presents it in a way that entertains, educates, and empowers his audience to live better. He informed us that the hippocampus, a major component in our brain, is like a waiting room. It determines what to remember and what to throw away. Did you know that walking 30 minutes a day or taking the stairs instead of the elevator can help grow the hippocampus? Since hearing this tidbit, I’ve been climbing so many stairs I’m going to need a bigger brain to house my hippo! In his follow up to the plenary session, Dr. Milstein provided some insights on managing stress. He recommended taking 15 minutes a day to follow three steps:

  1. Think of someone you love, care for, or have good feelings about for 5 minutes.
  2. Apply same feelings to yourself for 5 minutes.
  3. Apply those same feelings to other people who could use your love who you are not happy with for 5 minutes.


On Tuesday, Brent Gleeson, a Navy SEAL combat veteran with multiple tours in Iraq and Africa, spoke about building a high-performance culture. Upon leaving SEAL Team 5, he turned his discipline and battlefield lessons to the world of business, where he helps build high-performance teams through culture and organizational transformation. He challenged us to get uncomfortable by pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones and encouraged us to see our roles in our jobs as a privilege. Mr. Gleeson shared his ten-step program that helps give leaders and managers actionable insights and a framework for successful execution. His steps include:

  1. Culture: The single most important enabler
  2. Trust: Fueling the change engine
  3. Accountability: Ownership at all levels
  4. Mindset: Belief in the mission
  5. Preparation: Gathering intelligence and planning the mission
  6. Transmission: Communicating the vision
  7. Inclusion: The power of participation and engagement
  8. Fatigue: Managing fear and staying energized
  9. Discipline: Focus and follow-through
  10. Resiliency: The path of lasting change

If you can’t wait to get more enlightening tidbits for your hippocampus, then Atlanta in July is the place for you. The NACM Annual Conference, “Mind the Gap,” will focus on the practical application of mindfulness to anticipate and respond to gaps in addressing issues facing the courts. Being mindful of these gaps can help court leaders identify ways in which we can improve our judicial system. Evidence supports that conscious awareness increases employee engagement and allows for sounder decision making so that court leaders can engage in the development of programs, services, and activities that meet the growing demands placed upon the courts while upholding the rule of law and maintaining public trust and confidence. To register for the July 22-26 NACM Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, visit www.nacmconference.org.