President’s Message

May 20, 2024
by Rick Pierce

When you are asked your approach to leadership or even tackling an involved project, are you a solitary actor or do you prefer to work within the framework of a group or team? I ask you to ponder this question… Read more »

Management Musings

May 20, 2024
by Giuseppe M. Fazari

The literature on setting goals is replete with talk about the importance of visualizing and then working toward a benchmark that an individual, group, or institution sets for itself. The goals for the project, the month, the quarter, the year,… Read more »

A Question of Ethics

May 20, 2024
by Peter Kiefer

Welcome to the latest episode of A Question of Ethics Conversation.  The topic for this discussion is Organization Fairness. The October 26, 2023, Question of Ethics Conversation, hosted by Samantha Wallis, brought up many interesting questions. One set of questions… Read more »

Courtside Conversation

May 20, 2024
by Carlene Redmond

Cheryl StoneCourt Administrator Clark County (Washington) Superior Court12 judges, 3 full-time court commissioners, 1 half-time court commissionerNACM Member since 2007 Cheryl Stone, a seasoned court professional of more than 20 years, is a long-standing, respected member of NACM. As it… Read more »