Courtside Conversation

Cheryl Stone
Court Administrator

Clark County (Washington) Superior Court
12 judges, 3 full-time court commissioners, 1 half-time court commissioner
NACM Member since 2007

Cheryl Stone, a seasoned court professional of more than 20 years, is a long-standing, respected member of NACM. As it relates to her membership, attending conferences, hosting conferences, and working on committees bring her enjoyment. In fact, Cheryl currently co-chairs the Membership Committee and has been involved with various committees over the years. She is now serving her third year on the NACM Board as a director.

Cheryl shares a camaraderie among NACM members whom she can call on to brainstorm and gain insight. She goes on to say, “Court administration can be a pretty isolating profession. NACM offers like-minded individuals with similar experiences and opportunities to learn, train, and network. Nothing really comes close to the feeling of belonging with other court professionals within NACM. There are a lot of benefits with NACM, but the best benefit is belonging to a network of people with shared experiences.”

Opportunities to learn and grow, like the CORE® Champion Program, strengthen court professionals at every stage in their career. Cheryl adds that NACM’s webinars and conferences provide quality training, high overviews, and information new to courts. 

As for advising Early Career Professionals about leadership roles in NACM, Cheryl says, “Get involved! You are the future of NACM. Your involvement can be becoming a member of the board, joining a committee, or attending conferences. Engage at the level you are ready for in your career.”

Cheryl is a wealth of knowledge and a true testament to the profession.


Carlene Redmond is court program administrator, Juvenile Court Unit, Restorative Programs Division, Cobb County, Georgia.