A Joint Invitation for Your NACM Participation

Committee activities noted in this issue represent just a few examples of the numerous ways NACM members can get involved. It can be intimidating at first to step in, especially if you aren’t familiar with other NACM members or know committee participants. Getting involved not only helps you gain experience and knowledge but also helps NACM hear diverse views and new approaches to problems or enhancements.

If you are interested in getting involved but do not know where to start, you can:

  • Review the minutes of a committee from the NACM website
  • Call a NACM colleague and ask them what they found most valuable about NACM membership
  • Contact a NACM committee chair and discuss their latest projects
  • Write about that new project you just started, or the solution you just created for the latest problem, and submit an article to NACM’s Court Manager
    • Articles may be 2,500 to 7,500 words long, submitted typed and double-spaced
  • Contact the CORE® Chair and offer your assistance to write or just review a section
  • Jump on a NACM committee conference call and just listen to what is going on
    • All are welcome—just join in 
  • Partner with a NACM member during a committee meeting
  • If you like drafting resolutions or bylaws amendments, contact the Governance Committee
  • Consider presenting at a NACM conference on something your court has done well or a new court solution
  • Consider imparting your knowledge to a new court manager by becoming a mentor
  • If you are an officer or involved in your state court management association, consider joining a State Association Committee call 

Everyone is better when we have new perspectives. All are welcome to join committee calls or to contribute to small pieces of projects. No experience or expertise is necessary. No length of time in service, years of experience, or specific job titles are needed for any NACM member to engage on a project or committee. Besides, court managers are always adapting so no one is ever an expert in everything, anyway. Consider participating with us!


Dawn Palermo is judicial administrator, Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court, Harvey, Louisiana. She serves on the NACM Board of Directors. Janet Cornell is a court consultant with more than 35 years of experience with both general- and limited-jurisdiction courts.