NACM 2022 Annual Conference:

A Call to Action

The National Association for Court Management held their 2022 Annual Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, July 10–14. The conference theme was Courts Leading the Way in Advancing Justice: A Call to Action.

The conference focused on the important concept that justice reform must come from within courts across the globe. Courts and court leaders must take charge of leading the way to advancing justice. Courts must envision how they can improve fairness and efficiency, and the judiciary needs to lead the call to action in advancing justice and transforming the future.

Current world events are exposing racial inequalities and the realization that public trust and confidence in our courts has been shaken. This conference emphasized the common topics of agile leadership and diversity and inclusion. Attendees received a tutorial on how to bounce back better than ever and explored new court roles for creating a more equitable landscape.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to the State Justice Institute (SJI) whose generosity supports the education provided to court professionals by NACM.

Thank you to all our Education Sponsors!