Conference Sessions Are the Core, but NACM Conferences Are Much More!

State Associations/NASJE Leadership Session

On Sunday, before the conference began, the National Association of State Judicial Educators (NASJE) and NACM’s State Associations Subcommittee held a special seminar for leaders to discuss roles as court leaders and reflect individually upon personal leadership styles and skills. The highly interactive session blended small-group discussion and instructor-led activities to examine how courage, character, and clarity of purpose can be harnessed by court leaders to guide the judicial branch through a time of great change—to lead in turbulent times.

Fun Run

Bright and early Tuesday morning, several dozen NACM members ran the annual NACM 5k Fun Run out to Lake Michigan and back. The weather was perfect for runners and walkers to observe the historic downtown area on the way to the lake and back, though it was probably a blur for Thomas Langford and Sharon Yates, who were the first male and female finishers, respectively.

Social Event

On Tuesday night, NACM members enjoyed an evening of joyous camaraderie in the excellent summer Milwaukee weather during the conference social event at the Harley-Davidson Museum.

One invaluable aspect of NACM conferences is the opportunity to develop friendships, informal mentoring relationships, and important professional relationships with other NACM members. The conference social event is a prime time to do so.

At the historic Harley-Davidson Museum, motorcycle enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike learned about the world-renowned company and its products and the evolution over time of its role in American culture.

In the outdoor setting, good music and good food stirred the social environs as hundreds of NACM members enjoyed views of the historic skyline along the Menomonee River, laughing and sharing thoughts and quips throughout the evening.

These organized conference socials pale in comparison to the number of coffees, meals, and other opportunities for NACM members to catch-up or connect with colleagues from across the country throughout the week. Until next time, zoom!

Back (l. to r.) Danielle Ramos, Thomas Maxwell, Ellen Haines, Brandon Logan, Lisa Holland, Jennifer Friend
Front (l. to r.) John Powell, Mae Swisher, Roger Rand, Jennifer Quillen, Tina Qualls (former OJD/Turbo Court Vendor)


Brandon Kimura is deputy administrative director, Hawaii State Judiciary.