President’s Message

December 9, 2021
by Kathy Griffin

As 2021 ends and 2022 begins, we are not only faced with the ongoing COVID pandemic but also devastating natural disasters. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who were impacted by the recent outbreak of tornadoes. Now is… Read more »

Editor’s Notes

December 9, 2021
by Charlene Watkins

Dear Reader, This issue provides an opportunity for us to shift our perspective. It offers two different takes on Online Dispute Resolution. It provides information about how courts responded to the complex issues of fire and civil unrest—while dealing with… Read more »

Courtside Conversations
T.J. BeMent

December 9, 2021
by Dawn Palermo

Reflections on a NACM Presidency . . . during a Pandemic Title, Court: District Court Administrator, 10th Judicial District (Georgia)NACM Title: President, 2020-21Number of judges at court: 26NACM member since: 2000 How did you get started in court administration? I… Read more »

A Question of Ethics

January 4, 2022
by Peter C. Kiefer

After Two Years of COVID:  What Do We Know Now About Courts, Safety, and Privacy? These last two turbulent years have brought into sharp relief the dynamic tension between a court’s duty to keep both employees and the public safe,… Read more »

Management Musings

December 9, 2021
by Giuseppe M. Fazari

The poet laureate of Hawaii, Don Blanding, describes a fanciful dwelling in his poem “Vagabond’s House.” A lengthy elegy that details the vestiges of his travels and the people he encounters, it is what he dreams his home to be,… Read more »