Courtside Conversation
Whitney Freese

Whitney Freese

Senior Management Analyst
Clark County (Washington) Superior Court
11 Judges, 4 Court Commissioners
NACM Member since 2021
CORE® Champion

Whitney Freese, a long-serving court professional, has reached a major milestone in her field. After holding various court positions and soon after joining NACM, she recently completed requirements to earn the CORE®  Champion Achievement Award. Whitney says her mentor, ICM Fellow Cheryl Stone, “Strongly encouraged the CORE® Champion Program.”  

Working through informative sessions in all three modules of the CORE® curriculum strengthened Whitney’s knowledge base. Over about six months, she completed 13 CORE® competencies and submitted the accompanying structured responses, earning notable certificates along the way. Budget and Fiscal Management stands out as one of the more helpful CORE® competencies for Whitney’s current position as a senior management analyst. Information she learned in that session is often applied in her daily duties.  

Whitney stated that “even after working in the courts for 15+ years, I was surprised to learn how much useful information was provided within the training content. Attending trainings and conferences provided by NACM renews my love for serving the courts.” She continued by saying, “If you are looking to further your court understanding, find a NACM mentor or attend/view one CORE® session. Go to the conferences. They are really encouraging and renew your outlook.” 


Carlene Redmond is court program administrator, Juvenile Court Unit, Restorative Programs Division, Cobb County, Georgia.