A Question of Ethics

“Quiet Quitting”: What Is It? What Should We Do About It?

April 27, 2023, A Question of Ethics Conversation Episode

“Quiet quitting.”  It is a topic that many of us have heard about.  In an era where it is a challenge to hire employees, is “quiet quitting” an emerging change in the contract between the court and employees, or is it just a new term for some staff not doing their jobs?

In the past it has been given many names: “retiring in place,” “phoning it in,” or “checking out.”  What makes this iteration unusual is that it seems to be a mantra heard from younger workers.  Millennials and Gen Z workers have often uttered this expression.

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Today’s Moderator
Eric Silverberg: Court Administrator, Municipal Court, Tucson, Arizona

Today’s Panel
Courtney Whiteside
: Director, Municipal Court, St. Louis, Missouri
Kent Pankey: Senior Planner, State Supreme Court, Richmond, Virginia
Norman Meyer: Retired Clerk of Court, United States Bankruptcy Court, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Peter Kiefer: Retired Court Professional
Tina Mattison: Deputy Court Administrator, Consolidated Justice Court, Tucson, Arizona
Karl Thoennes: Court Administrator, Second Judicial Circuit Court, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Samantha Borden: Staff Assistant, Customer Solutions Division, Water Department, Tucson, Arizona

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