A Question of Ethics

A Conversation on Courts and Ethics

Courts and Inside Information: What Can and Should We Do with What We Learn at Work?

We are not stockbrokers or day traders, but in our role as court employees we learn a lot. We know about patterns of litigation against businesses and against professionals in the community. We know about protection orders filed against real estate agents; we know about leaking basement litigation; we know about roofing contract litigation. Many cases are sealed and confidential, but most are wide open and available to the public if it takes the time to do the research. Due to the nature of our jobs, we learn about inside information more frequently than the public.

That’s the topic of this episode of A Question of Ethics.

Karl Thoennes: Court Administrator for the Second Judicial Circuit, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Dawn Palermo: Judicial Administrator for the Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court in Harvey, Louisiana
Kent Pankey: Senior Planner for the Supreme Court of Virginia
Peter Kiefer: Retired Court Professional
Eric Silverberg: Court Administrator for the City Court in Tucson, Arizona

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Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnee-mCQut4