NACM Board Issues 2022 Court Guide on Behavioral Health

Just before the last annual conference held in July, the NACM Board issued its latest court guide focused on behavioral health. The workgroup was chaired by past-president Paul DeLosh (Virginia) and included Donald Jacobson (Arizona); Greg Lambard (New Jersey); Michelle R. O’Brien (National Center for State Courts); Barbara B. Marcille (Oregon); Ryan Porter (Idaho); Cindy A. Schwartz (Florida); and Richard Schwermer (NCSC).

The guide is a good place for court managers to get up to speed on the latest behavioral health issues facing the courts. The guide uses the sequential intercept framework to take the reader through the effect of these issues on the courts and the various system partners that the court relies on. Collaborative court and community responses are highlighted, as are various training types and techniques available to court managers. Some points where court leaders can focus their efforts to have a positive effect in this area for litigants suffering from serious mental illness, for the courts serving them, and for the various system partners are detailed in a series of suggestions. Finally, the guide serves as a good place to find a list of the myriad of resources and publications in this area.

The Behavioral Health Guide is free to NACM members and only $10 to others. The guide can be found on the NACM website at the NACM Store— Click on “Guides” to find this guide and others.