The Challenges of Change: How Court Managers Can Adapt to the Changing Landscape of Civil Litigation

The American civil justice system is facing a reckoning. There are real concerns today about how civil justice is delivered in the United States. Faith in the system is thinning. Much of the population lacks access to legal services, despite large numbers of unemployed or underemployed lawyers. The “fee-for-service” model supplemented by legal-assistance organizations and… Read more »

Making Peace Outside the Courtroom: Ohio’s Dispute Resolution Initiatives

In 2018 the Supreme Court of Ohio’s Dispute Resolution Section and the court’s 21-member statewide Commission on Dispute Resolution pursued initiatives consistent with the National Center for State Courts’ poll reflecting that, not surprisingly, Americans prefer to avoid taking their disputes to court. Examples of Ohio’s initiatives include 1) hosting a statewide dispute resolution conference;… Read more »

Call and Response: Ohio’s Civil Justice Initiative Workshops

A Call to Action Paramount to the foundation of American government is a three-branch system, which specifically works to balance the power of each branch to protect the Constitution and the rights afforded to citizens of the United States. But the ability of the judiciary to adequately fulfill its duty to the people is threatened… Read more »

Courts Tech-ing It to the Next Level

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in Court News Ohio, a service of the Ohio Supreme Court and Ohio Government Telecommunications. Technology pervades our lives. We stay connected on smartphones, research everything online, talk to far-away relatives over video, check apps for directions. Courts in Ohio are exploring how to leverage these advances to better… Read more »