• President’s Message

      by Paul DeLosh
      There are many amazing things happening with the National Association for Court Management (NACM). With the help and support of our members, partners, and sponsors, we’re able to excel at our mission in educating court professionals, providing community, sharing information, and advocating on important court and justice system topics. NACM accomplishes this through our publications,... Read more »
    • Editor’s Note

      by Tasha Ruth
      KonMari-ing the Courts The other day my husband and I discovered the Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, a series of allegedly “inspiring home makeovers.” If you’re not familiar, Marie Kondo uses the innovative KonMari Method™ from her best-selling book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up to help people clear out their clutter... Read more »
    • Early Career Professionals

      by Angie VanSchoick
      I don’t recall how I first learned about NACM. Most likely, my predecessor had been a member, and it seemed to be a good idea to join myself. Honestly, I had “fallen” into the court administrator position by happenstance. It was probably a combination of a seasonal job ending; a desire to stay in the... Read more »
    • Courtside Conversation

      by Dawn Palermo
      Celebrating those who have been NACM Members since 1985 when NACM was founded. *Interviewees were asked various questions about NACM and their long-standing membership. G. Terry AragonJeffrey M. ArnoldJean AtkinKent Batty*P. Mark BerkshireKevin J. Bowling*David K. BoydDavid A. CableSheila Gonzalez CalabroAlan CarlsonJohn A. ClarkeJudith Ann CramerDonald CullenGuy A. FergusonJohn D. Ferry, Jr. John M. GreacenGordon... Read more »
    • A Question of Ethics

      by Peter C. Kiefer
      It is cliché to say that technology is constantly changing our lives, yet it is also an undeniable truth. Questions we once considered hypothetically are now commonplace choices. One such question involves the ethics of casually recording events and meetings in our lives. A decade ago, the question of everyday folks spontaneously recording events was... Read more »
    • IJIS Exchange

      by Joseph D.K. Wheeler
      A COLUMN DEDICATED TO THE EXCHANGE OF IDEAS ON INFORMATION SHARING IN JUSTICESue Humphreys, IJIS Courts Advisory Committee, Vice Chair Congratulations! Your team just selected an excellent proposal for your new system. Even more exciting, it’s cloud based, a first for your court. Next step: Negotiate the contract—you have done that before. But the agreements... Read more »
    • Management Musings

      by Giuseppe M. Fazari
      In the New York Times best seller The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers, Maxwell King discusses one of the most recognizable articles of clothing in American pop culture—the red knit cardigan that Fred Rogers would change into at the start of each episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Rogers’s show ran on... Read more »