• President’s Message

      by Paul DeLosh
      As we look forward to the coming year of continued exceptional NACM educational programming, we want to thank all who joined us for our 2018 conferences in Orange County, California and Atlanta, Georgia. With record attendance at both events, the conference themes, Bridging the Gap: The Power of Strategic Collaboration and Mind the Gap: The... Read more »
    • Editor’s Note

      by Tasha Ruth
      About a month ago something strange happened. I was walking to work and noticed scooters, at least five, had just been left on the sidewalk. Interestingly, they all had the same sticker on the vertical post to the handle bar. The next day, even more of these seemingly abandoned scooters appeared on my walk. By... Read more »
    • Early Career Professionals

      by Erin Tellez
      The average workplace in America today is made up of employees all over the age spectrum. With Baby Boomers electing to continue to work longer and newly minted adults starting to enter the work space, the professional environment is becoming more and more generationally diverse. Traditionally, young professionals would expect to start in an industry... Read more »
    • Courtside ConversationDawn Palermo

      by Alyce Roberts
      Dawn Palermo Dawn Palermo is the judicial administrator at Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court. The court has three elected judges and two hearing officers with 56 staff members. Dawn has been a member of NACM since 1999. How did you get started in court administration? While working for Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority, I wrote the... Read more »
    • A Question of Ethics

      by Peter C. Kiefer
      As courts become increasingly complex, it is the court administrator who manages the ever-expanding breadth of operations. The areas of expertise possessed by court administrators have grown over the years, and their insights are all the more valuable. Negotiating contracts, keeping current on advancements in information technology, understanding the latest human-resources regulations, managing courthouse security,... Read more »
    • IJIS Exchange

      by Jenny Bunch
      Access to the Whole Case, and Nothing but the Whole Case (Online) Think how frustrated you would be if you couldn’t access your credit-card or bank-account information online at a moment’s notice. Consider the stress you would feel if you can’t check in and get a seat for your next flight on the carrier’s app... Read more »
    • Management Musings

      by Giuseppe M. Fazari
      In the 1991 song “The Beauty of Gray” the alternative rock band Live offers an important precept for living in and developing an understanding of the world around us (however simple and sometimes unheeded) in the chorus: This is not a black and white world To be alive I say the colours must swirl And... Read more »