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2023 NACM State of the Profession

November 8, 2023
by Jeffrey Tsunekawa

One of the highlights of the 2023 Annual NACM Conference in Tampa, Florida was the State of the Profession speech, delivered by NACM President Jeffrey Tsunekawa. NACM Board member and vice chair of the Governance Committee Nicole Garcia summarized President Tsunekawa’s approach…

2023 CourtFutures Top Trends to Watch: By NACM Respondents

November 8, 2023
by Philip Knox & Peter C. Kiefer

We have summarized the best thinking of over 1,700 court professionals, with various subsets having reviewed 241 different possible scenarios of the future.1 This report highlights recent assessments, focuses on responses from NACM members, and compares their assessments with those of the overall group…

The NACM DEI Guide

November 8, 2023
by Roger Rand, Edwin Bell, and Zenell Brown

In 2020 a lot of national news focused on issues of racial bias, violence against people of color, and civil unrest. I want to remember some of the victims of 2020 in the hopes that you too will never forget them…

Thoughts from Early Career and Seasoned Professionals

November 8, 2023
by Pima County Consolidated Justice Court

In the court system, what do early career professionals and more seasoned supervisors have in common? At the Pima County Consolidated Justice Court (PCCJC), the answer is easy. Both groups view judicial administration as a career and not simply as… Read more »